Southwest Idaho Criminal Defense Lawyer

Building the best possible criminal defense takes the right combination of aggressiveness at trial and persuasiveness in negotiation. At Fouser Law Offices, that combination is what you receive. We put our experience to work negotiating lesser sentences, and penalties in drunk driving and other criminal charges. And we are always prepared to fight for your rights and freedom in court.

Criminal Defense

We are prepared to handle a wide range of criminal defense cases for people in Southwest Idaho. Whether they have been charged with drug possession, drunk driving (DUI/DWI), theft, or sex crimes, we are here to protect our clients' rights and minimize the consequences they face. We handle crimes committed by adults and juvenile crimes, such as minor in possession.

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As a criminal law attorney since 1982, Scott Fouser has protected the rights of a diverse set of clients throughout Southwest Idaho. Every client who comes into our office will be personally represented by attorney Fouser at every step along the way; your case will not be passed off to an inexperienced associate or handled by a paralegal.

Taking a down to earth approach in our criminal defense practice, we will listen to your story and answer any questions you may have throughout the process. On a first name basis will all clients, we provide the personal attention you deserve and protect your rights as we look for solutions to your legal issues.

Accessible and responsive to client concerns, we also offer reasonable fees.

Available by appointment Monday through Friday at our Caldwell law office, we are ready to answer your questions and start building your criminal defense.